ISSUE: 2/2009

  • Volume 50
  • Number 2
  • 2009


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Unia Europejska – Chiny: najważniejsze stosunkina globie?

European Union – China: the most important relations on the globe?


Modernising itself since late 1970’s and recently recognised as emerging power, the People’s Republic of China has obviously been on the rise. The awareness of this new factor on contemporary international arena is quickly growing every where, including the European Union,  its Members States and institutions. The study presents the history of bilateral relations between China and the EU, starting from the economy, through the so-called “structural dialogue” between the two partners, which consists of over 20 different are as ranging from macroeconomic management to such issues as migration, modern technology, climate change, local governments or the complex and controversial is sue of human rights. It becomes more and more evident in official documents and statements that recently the parties started to declare en hanced and “strategic” partnership as their key objective. For the Chine separty Europe is necessary as an important and reliable partner on global arena, a source of modern technologies and crucial market (the EU – China trade has recently be come the world – largest). For the EU, as the study points out and duly documents, more systematic relation ships with China open up prospects for persuading that country’s authorities (even if officially still calling themselves Communists) to adopt new rules and measures, not only in the economy, but also regarding law and democratic accountability. This way, Europe tends to shape a “morereliable” partner for it self. Both China and the EU are important, emerging players on the global scene in the new era, following an American “unipolar moment” (Charles Krauthammer) as two essential pillars of the new, “post -American” (Fareed Zakaria) global order. Thus the iractions and interactions, their mutual dialogue, their respective strategies towards each other and regarding the most important global issues (including environment, climate change, new economic order, G –20), are growing more and more important – for the Europeans, the Chinese and for the whole world.

Language: Polish

Pages: 9-31

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Góralczyk, B. (2009) "Unia Europejska – Chiny: najważniejsze stosunkina globie?". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 2/2009, pp. 9-31.