ISSUE: 3/2012

  • Volume 63
  • Number 3
  • 2012

Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

ISSN: 1428-149X
e-ISSN: 2719-3780

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Systemowe spojrzenie na europeizację

A System Approach to Europeanisation


This article presents the main trends of research on the concept of Europeanization. In the last decade it has become one of the main areas of interest of European integration students. The Europeanisation concept is discussed in the context of the leading theories of European integration. The article proposes a look at the Europeanization in relation to the systemic theory in political science.

Language: Polish

Pages: 9-27

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Grosse, T. (2012) "Systemowe spojrzenie na europeizację". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 3/2012, pp. 9-27.