ISSUE: 4/2009

  • Volume 52
  • Number 4
  • 2009


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

ISSN: 1428-149X
e-ISSN: 2719-3780

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Świat na rozdrożu – ewolucja międzynarodowego otoczenia Unii Europejskiej (część 1)

The world on the parting ways. Evolution of the EU’s international environment (Part 1)


The principal aim of the article is to attempt and present changes taking place at present in in ternational surrounding of the European Union. Great importance of the evolution in question stems from the EU being, for a long time now, powerful play er on the global scene. At the same time, the EU has also increasingly be en subject to influences on the part of its international surrounding. In effect, phenomena and processes in contemporary world should be seen as important factors influencing the progress of European integration. Along with general review of present international situation, the article provides an insight fulana lysis of fundamental global problems in such categories as issues of social and economic development, of ecological awareness and of security in broad understanding.

Language: Polish

Pages: 9-32

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Milczarek, D. (2009) "Świat na rozdrożu – ewolucja międzynarodowego otoczenia Unii Europejskiej (część 1)". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 4/2009, pp. 9-32.