ISSUE: 3/2008

  • Volume 47
  • Number 3
  • 2008


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Stosunek Francji do zmian Wspólnej Polityki Rolnej

The attitude of France towards changes in the Common Agricultural Policy


As the Common Agricultural Policy is undergoing a review in the framework of the so-called health check, it is important to identify interests and position taken by France which is one of the principal protagonists in the debate. This paper is based not only on official statements, but also upon contributions by farmers’ unions and organisations as well as agricultural policy experts from leading French research institutes. We examine several reform scenarios as far as the system of direct payments is concerned. France still applies a historical model of direct payments which are minimally decoupled. Furthermore, we deal with possible ways of improving cross-compliance, capping and modulation. France obviously struggles to maintain the principle of Community preference within the CAP. In order to ensure market stability, it favours enhancement of the role of interbranch organisations and the involvement of the EU in promoting agricultural insurance schemes. France is reluctant to eliminate milk quotas. Being aware of inevitability of this solution, it wishes to ensure soft landing for its milk producers. Finally, France emphasises the role of the CAP in preserving social and economic sttructure of its rural areas.

Language: Polish

Pages: 53-78

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