ISSUE: 3/2009

  • Volume 51
  • Number 3
  • 2009


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Stanowisko Unii Europejskiej wobec wojny Rosji z Gruzją

Position of the European Union towards the war between Russia and Georgia


Russian – Georgian war of 2008 was perceived as a first war of the new century, in which Moscow be haved according to the rules of old-fashioned real politic. The paper argues that while both sides of the conflict made mistakes, Russia’s responsibility for the crisis is much greater as it invaded an independent country for the sake of so called “higher mo rality” and provision of humanitarian aid. As a result, Russia are alised in fact the partition of the weaker neighbour. There has not been any single and adequate reaction of the EU to the crisis in Georgia – Russia relations. The answer should be complex, global and planned in the long run. European leaders have to be aware that problems of democratisation of the world, national security and access to energy sources are interconnected. There fore, a more sophisticated approach is needed – one, which links democratic solidarity with intensification of works concerning the search of alternative sources of energy in order to weaken Putin’s dictatorship and other “petro-enemies“ of democracy. Thus, first of all the EU should lay a solid foundation for common energy policy and European solidarity which will not be come just another theoretical project. Also, in the new situation created by Russia, closer cooperation of the EU and NA TO is required.

Language: Polish

Pages: 29-42

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Konopacki, S. (2009) "Stanowisko Unii Europejskiej wobec wojny Rosji z Gruzją". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 3/2009, pp. 29-42.