ISSUE: 2/2013

  • Volume 66
  • Number 2
  • 2013


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Prezydencja cypryjska w konteście stosunków między Unią Europejską i Turcją

Cypriot Presidency in the Context of the EU–Turkey Relations


The main aim of this article is to show how the Cyprus dispute affected the preparations and achievements of the Republic of Cyprus’s Presidency of the Council of the EU, and to present its implications with respect to the relations between Turkey and the European Union. The author discusses the essence of the Cyprus dispute, namely the occupation of the northern part of the island by Turkish armed forces. Further, he describes the influence of Cyprus’s integration with the EU on the EU–Turkey relations in the pre-Presidency period. The main part of the article focuses on the Cypriot Presidency, during which Cyprus did not entangle the other Member States in the problems of the divided island, but acted in the best interest of the entire EU. The reaction of the Turkish government, which boycotted the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus, is also characterised.

Language: Polish

Pages: 33-53

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Adamczyk, A. (2013) "Prezydencja cypryjska w konteście stosunków między Unią Europejską i Turcją". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 2/2013, pp. 33-53.