ISSUE: 2/2008

  • Volume 46
  • Number 2
  • 2008


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Prawne regulacje Wspólnoty Europejskiej w dziedzinie badań, produkcji i handlu żywnością genetycznie zmodyfikowaną

The EC legal regulations in the area of research, production and trade in genetically-modified food


The European Community regulations on genetically modified organisms and novel foods come from a very wide range of origins, however it is possible to identify four primary sources of law: the European Community Treaty, international law, secondary legislation, and decisions of the European Court of Justice. Regardless of their legal character, one common feature of those regulations is that the European Community pays particular attention to high level of food security, human health, animal welfare and environmental protection. All foodstuffs produced or imported to Member States have to meet strict requirements that guarantee access to safe and healthy food. At the same time, principles of food law shouldn’t act as barriers to establishment or functioning of the Internal Market. Moreover, the European legislators should consider that new regulations cannot present constraint for technology development which constitutes one of the fundamental elements of the Lisbon Strategy (2000). It is necessary to merge social expectations of safe and healthy food with economic and political expectations of the European Community which is supposed to be a competitive participant of global economy based on knowledge.

Language: Polish

Pages: 115-144

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