ISSUE: 3/2007

  • Volume 43
  • Number 3
  • 2007


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Polityka Unii Europejskiej w zakresie zrównoważonego udziału kobiet w politycznych strukturach decyzyjnych (część 1)

UE policy towards a gender balance in political decision-making (part 1)


The study focuses upon participation of women in political decision-making in the European Union. Women, while accounting for majority of the EU citizens, have no relevant representation in structures of political power (their participation in parliaments and governments is relatively little). In countries in which democratic traditions are well-rooted, a trend can be observed to ensure balanced representation between women and men in political life. As far as the European Union Member States are concerned, this is manifested in a peculiar form, as apart from measures taken up by individual Member States, the goal is also sought by the policy articulated and implemented at the EU institutions level. The fundamental aim of the study is to present instruments and actions undertaken within the whole EU institutional system to reach more balanced women’s participation in political power structures. A time perspective assumed in the study extends over the whole period of existence of the European Communities, with a special emphasis upon the recent stage since the establishment of the European Union in 1992. This event marked a milestone of crucial, historical importance. Together with creation of the EU also European policy of equal opportunities for women in relation to men reached a new stage of development.

Language: Polish

Pages: 55-79

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Barburska, O. (2007) "Polityka Unii Europejskiej w zakresie zrównoważonego udziału kobiet w politycznych strukturach decyzyjnych (część 1)". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 3/2007, pp. 55-79.