ISSUE: 2/2009

  • Volume 50
  • Number 2
  • 2009


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Polityka równości płci Wspólnoty Europejskiej w krajacho różnych wzorach społecznych kobiet – na przykładziePolski i Niemiec

The European Community gender equality policy in the countries with different social patters regarding women – on the example of Poland and Germany


The article presents gender equality policy and its implementation in Poland and Germany – countries having different social patterns. The policy implementation depends on a degree to which social patterns regarding women and family promoted by the European Community, incorporated in the legal provisions, strategies and action plans, are in line with patterns present in both countries as well as on the gender policy’s capacity to influence such societal patterns. The case study on Germany reveals that gender equality policy and promoted patterns have been fairly effective, as clearly shown especially on the State level, where adequate regulations are successfully in troduced. However, the acceptance of promoted patterns within the society seems rather slow, if gradual, process, hardly opposed by traditional patterns of female roles, still massively revealed in the private sphere. As shown in the Polish case study, our country is less effective with respect to implementation of gender equality policy. There is little acceptance, on the public and social levels alike, for social patterns promoted by the Community. The analysis of case studies reveals that social patterns promoted by gender equality policy regarding women’s activities in the public sphere may be considered effective. However, it may occurquite difficult to success fully establish patterns regarding the private sphere and promoting partnership instead of traditional marriage.

Language: Polish

Pages: 129-146

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Walczyk-Matuszyk, K. (2009) "Polityka równości płci Wspólnoty Europejskiej w krajacho różnych wzorach społecznych kobiet – na przykładziePolski i Niemiec". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 2/2009, pp. 129-146.