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  • 2018


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Państwa skandynawskie wobec kryzysu migracyjnego w Unii Europejskiej

The Scandinavian States Facing the Migration Crisis in the European Union


The migration crisis in the European Union brought about serious repercussions for immigration policies of the Scandinavian countries. Their governments, under pressure from nationalist, populist and anti-immigration political parties  and movements, allowed for renationalisation of security mechanisms as a method of risk management in the face of the external migratory pressure. Referring to the concepts of Beck and Fode, this author puts forward a thesis that security renationalisation has been the result of ineffectiveness of compensatory mechanisms introduced to the internal policies of the Scandinavian countries as a result of Europeanisation of their security policies as well as a cosmopolitan approach to global migration governance. The arguments refer to the evolution of the party systems, anti-immigration changes in domestic laws of these countries and cultural tensions.


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