ISSUE: 2/2014

  • Volume 70
  • Number 2
  • 2014


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Irański kryzys nuklearny jako test dla unijnej polityki zagranicznej

Iranian Nuclear Crisis as a Test Case for the EU Foreign Policy


EU have been strongly influenced by uncertainty about the nature of the Iranian nuclear program. The scenario of nuclear proliferation for the Middle East is one of the biggest challenges not only for regional balance of power, but also creates challenge for global security environment. The article examines role of key regional actors, e.g. Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in resolving Iranian nuclear crisis. The main issue is related to foreign policy of the European Union and its’ effectiveness in terms of dealing with Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. The question of possible policy making recommendations for the EU and possible outcomes due to latest political changes in the Islamic Republic arises as the regional security
environment destabilizes, mostly due to civil war in Syria and the results of so-called Arab Spring of 2011.

Language: Polish

Pages: 57-74

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Klimowicz, D. (2014) "Irański kryzys nuklearny jako test dla unijnej polityki zagranicznej". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 2/2014, pp. 57-74.