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  • Volume 68
  • Number 4
  • 2013


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Francuski system edukacji w perspektywie międzynarodowej na przykładzie szkolnictwa wyższego

The French System of Education in an International Perspective – a Case Study of Higher Education


In the 21st century, the education system is evaluated not only on the national or regional level, but also internationally. Globalisation is progressing in all areas of life, including the area of education, research and development, resulting in an increasing interdependence between countries around the world. These processes also apply to France. First, this country has more and more foreigners who are regularly involved in the national education system. In addition, France is actively involved in the process of European integration. This stimulates the movement of people between the Member States of the European Union and increases the need for absorption by the education system of successive generations of children and young people, often non-French speakers. Finally, France seeks to promote its culture and language, and one of the most effective tools in this regard is to educate foreigners, especially foreign students. Those who return to their countries of origin may become ambassadors of French values and culture. In a world that integrates regionally and globally, competitiveness and international attractiveness are key categories for each country that wants to ‘stand out’ in the system of international relations. As a result, the international comparisons and rankings in the field of higher education are becoming increasingly important. This paper refers to the part of the formal process of education in France under the current education system that includes French citizens, foreigners residing in France and persons temporarily studying in that country. The research effort focuses on the analysis and evaluation of selected aspects of the internationalisation of the French higher education system, as well as on its attractiveness and competitiveness on a global scale.

Language: Polish

Pages: 169-195

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Pachocka, M. (2013) "Francuski system edukacji w perspektywie międzynarodowej na przykładzie szkolnictwa wyższego". Studia Europejskie – Studies in European Affairs, 4/2013, pp. 169-195.