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  • Volume 61
  • Number 1
  • 2012


Studia Europejskie –
Studies in European Affairs

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Działania polskiej prezydencji na rzecz budowy rynku wewnętrznego Unii Europejskiej

Actions of the Polish Presidency for the Development of the EU Internal Market


Poland decided to freshen up the discussion on the internal market and its consequences for employees, consumers and entrepreneurs. One should positively judge this action which became part of a new initiative of the European Commission: the Single Market Act. From the point of view of politics, Poland presented to the European Council a report which was the basis for a discussion of the Heads of State or Government summed up in the European Council conclusions. Owing to this, the internal market has become the instrument of finding a way out of the financial and economic crisis and the EU 2020 strategy tool. Moreover, it should be underlined that the first Single Market Forum, organised by the Polish presidency in Cracow, constituted the practical implementation of the idea of moving the internal market closer to employees, consumers and entrepreneurs. On the basis of the Cracow Declaration, the Polish presidency worked out the conclusions adopted by the Competitiveness Council in an undoubtedly, professional and truly European way. Many opinions and remarks presented in that declaration were reflected in the political council conclusions as recommendations for the European Commission and the Member States.

Language: Polish

Pages: 95-117

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