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  • Number 4
  • 2023


Studia Europejskie –
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Azerbaijan’s Path to Fulfilling Its Current Role in Building Global Energy Security and Its Prospects for the Future


The research problem of this paper concerns energy security in the regional and global dimensions in the context of Azerbaijan’s role in its construction, the aim being to verify whether Azerbaijan is one of the key elements in building energy security, especially in the South Caucasus, but also in relation to the European Union and even in a global sense. The factorial and comparative methods were mainly used to examine the indicated subject matter. This article shows that both natural conditions and the appropriate actions of the Azerbaijani authorities have been strengthening the country’s role for several decades not only as the main element of the energy security of the South Caucasus, but also as one of the key factors in building the energy security of the European Union and is shaping itself as a significant co-creator of global security in this sphere. Azerbaijan’s achievements to date in the sphere of energy security and forecasts for the future allow one to conclude that the state will have an increasingly stronger position as a guarantor of security in the discussed sphere in the South Caucasus, and its role as a co-builder of the Union’s energy security will take on new, unprecedented shapes. Also, in the global dimension, the role of Azerbaijan will increase.


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